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Anonymous asked:
Who are some of your fave blogs?


Well, since you asked.. Keep in mind, I’m following over a thousand different simblrs and I love all of them, or I wouldn’t be following them to begin with. In fact, here’s a blogroll of all the the people I am following. Click Here. So I narrowed down a list of the people that I personally look up to. There’s a lot, so I put it under a read more.

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Thank you!!! *hugs*

coooool!!!! *o*

tomorrow I leave for a week, I’ll be back on July 28. OMG As I don’t want to leave anywhere. But my love insists. Shit
I’ll miss…. :C



booty booty booty



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less than a whole minute later…

butch: “it’s not my fault your sister is crazy! why don’t you go take her to therapy - and while you’re there check yourself in, too!”

blossom: “have you taken a good, long, hard look in the mirror lately? hypocrite much?”

butch: “bitch much?”

blossom: “loser who dumped my sister says what?”

butch: “what?!”

blossom: “exactly.” /smirks.


Part 2. I memorized thee



*щ* <3

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Anonymous asked:
who are your closest friends on simblr?


I don’t really have a lot of friends but I’d like to think the following people are my friends.

I think that’s it. I’m only acquaintances with other people.

I’m so happy!!!  Kate, I love you!! 


Second date for my Natasha and Tybalt, Roaring Heights’s tattooist.

The stylist and the tattooist, they were made for each other. xD

Poses by Fyachii and Tattoos by SubPoint. Many thanks for these great custom contents. ♥

wonderful *o*

Hello Disney